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Blosser Urban Garden


Jerry & Alejandra Mahoney
915 S. Blosser Rd
Santa Maria, CA 93458

Phone: 805-878-1744

Email: blosserurbangarden (at) gmail (dot) com

Please feel free to contact me directly by leaving a comment anywhere on this blog.


13 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hello,

    I am interested in your organic produce. Could you please email and let me know how this could work for our family of 6.

    thank you so much,

    • Hi Damaris,

      Thank you for your interest in Blosser Urban Garden’s produce. Family of 6~ wow, so fun! We will email you the details shortly.

      Thanks again!


  2. Hi LeeAnn,
    My name is Geri Perry, and Im helping Alenjandra with the BUG Facebook Page, and emailing customers on Mondays.
    I found 3 different ‘recipe finders’ type websites that by using the ingredients you have at home, it will suggest recipes using those ingredients.
    Alejandra had mentioned she would like a couple posted on Facebook, and I was thinking you might like that too. Here’s 3 I found that seem great:

    My Favorite…because it’s the easiest!

    So, I wanted to introduce myself, and this blog is absolutely AMAZING!!

    • Hi Gerry!

      Thank you for introducing yourself and for the positive feedback about the blog : )

      Those websites look great! Thank you for sharing. I’m sure they will be helpful to the other CSA members as well! Oh, and don’t forget to add one of your go-to recipes that use CSA items here. : )

      Looking forward to getting to know you better!


  3. Could you tell me how much produce is included, there are only two of us and I am concerned about having too much? Also will I be able to view what will be in the delivery (and possibly recipes too since some of the items will be new for me) the Friday before as I do my weekly shopping over the weekend.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Joan,

      Thank you for stopping by our blog and for asking such important questions. (You have inspired me to continue this discussion in a blog post, so others with similar questions can have the information needed as well.) : )

      I will be posting the list of produce items you should expect to see in your bag on this blog no later than Friday every week prior to Monday’s delivery. You can peek at what’s been going in the bags lately, so you can see a better picture of what to expect. As a CSA member myself, I have been really pleased with the variety in my bag every week.

      Recipes… yes, those are really helpful, especially when using new items. I will continue to add more recipes each week on this blog, and hope that other CSA members will add recipes in the comments here as well. You can always browse our recipes or narrow your search by typing the item you are looking for into our search bar.

      The CSA bag comes full with about 10-12 produce items. I’m not sure how much produce the two in your family tend to eat, but I know for the two in my family (husband and I), receiving a bag every other week worked great for us in the beginning. Now that we are more confident with some of the different varieties, we eat them sooner and more often, so we recently up’d our delivery to every week. (That flexibility is something I really love about CSA our way!) That said, I would recommend starting out every other week and going from there. Signing up is easy~ check out how here.

      Hope that answers your questions! Please don’t hesitate to ask any more that may come up.


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  7. Hello My Name Is Erika medina and we met at church last sunday. You spoke to me about this program and i was wondering how the program works for a family of 2? I AM MORE INTERESTED IN IF THERE IS A WAY THAT WE CAN MAKE SPECIAL ORDERS? THE REASON WHY I ASK THIS, IS BECAUSE MY HUSBAND AND I JUICE ALMOST EVERY MORNING AND WE USE FRESH VEGETABLES TO MAKE OUR JUICES. THANK YOU FOR YOUR RESPONSE.

    • Hi Erika,

      It was great meeting you!

      The CSA bag is comprised of 10-12 organic produce items and delivered to you on Mondays. Since you mention you eat a lot of veggies already, I’d recommend signing up for every week delivery. We’re currently in the process of setting up a fast and easy way for special orders, but in the meantime, stopping by the Farm Stand is a great way to go. The Stand is open Mon, Tues, & Fri from 3-6pm and Sat from 9am-2pm and is located at 915 S. Blosser. I have found Jerry and Alejandra to be very accommodating, so if there is something specific you’d like more of (ie. beets for juicing), just ask. : ) You can sign up for the CSA weekly delivery on this site.

      I look forward to hearing back from you and seeing you again on Sunday!

      Thanks for considering Blosser Urban Garden for your organic produce needs.


    • Hi Dixie,

      Yes we still deliver without an extra charge; the cost of the bag includes free delivery. I’ll make sure you get put on the juicing bag delivery.


      LeeAnn @ BUG

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